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Sports Shoes, Food Processing Machinery, Therapies, Plant and Animal Oil, Power Supplies, Voltage Regulator-Stabilizer, Laser, Radio, Radio Advertising, Service Projects, Sport Tool Services, Gas Services, Slicing machines

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33, vl. Mazzini
001 95


Treatment of haemorrhoids

We are a specialized non-governmental health facility with long-year experience. Outpatient care – we remove haemorrhoids. We use the latest treatment methods. The treatment is painless and does not put any additional burden on the patients in their daily lives. A very modern treatment method.

Wheelchair roofing

SaŠa is a genuine solution of wheelchair roofing. Up to now, the possibility of protection of the wheelchair person against bad weather conditions was only a raincoat. Benefits of wheelchair roofing are: a wheelchair person can control it himself, it protects the disabled person against rain as well as the wheelchair.

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